Computer Networking Fort Walton Beach

Any small business with more than 1 computer needs their computer networked together. There are multiple advantages for computer networking and they are listed below.

  • File Sharing – No longer do you have to email files back and forth or transfer between computers on a USB drive or CD. If your computers are on a network together, you can access the files from any computer on your network, so long as your workstation has the proper permissions to access those files.
  • Increased Efficiency of Time – Since you can direct access files on the computers in your network, you save a lot of time from transferring files between each computer. This extra time can help increase your employees’ efficiency.
  • Printer Sharing – There is no need to buy a different computer for each workstation and keep toners and drums for each printer. If you network your computers together, any individual can access any printer on your network. You just simply have to install the printer drivers on each workstation.
  • Save Money – You save money in multiple different ways by networking your computers. By saving time for accessing information from other computers, you save money. By cutting down on the amount of printer ink and toner supplies, you save money. By buying fewer printers, you save money.
  • Increased Storage – With networking, your hard drive storage increases with each computer that is added to the network. Your information can be distributed over multiple computer hard drives or you can have a stand alone server with an extra large hard drive for storage.
  • Software Sharing – Many software solutions can be installed on a network server and be accessed by various workstations around your office. This can save you money and it allows your data to be stored on one computer so the data retrieved is always the most current data.


PCTS - Computer Repair - Fort Walton Beach, FLCost to Network Computers

The cost for computer networking varies depending on the number of computers you want installed on the type of computer system that you are using. Every networking setup is different based upon your needs and desires. However, computer networking Fort Walton Beach, is likely much less expensive than you think. For a quote, just contact Paul Montalvo at Professional Computer Training & Services. He does excellent work and has great pricing!

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