Crab Island Destin

We had yet another beautiful weekend on the Emerald Coast and Crab Island was at the center of all of the fun. It was sunny, warm, and the water was crystal clear without any pesky jellyfish. Crab Island was packed with boats, wave runners, paddle boarders, kayaks, and, of course, lots of people.

As always during the Summer, there were plenty of activities going on this past weekend at Crab Island.

Among the crowd of people at Crab Island, many were tourists, as evident by the quantity of rental pontoon boats from Destin. Crab Island has become one of those “must visit” attractions in the Destin – Fort Walton Beach area and for good reason. The water is as clear as any swimming pool and just the right temperature to cool you off from the hot Florida sun. There is plenty of music, often live bands playing. There are food and beverage vendors. There is water volleyball and even chicken fighting contests. For the kids, you’ll find plenty of inflatables.

Of course, Helen Back was there shooting out t-shirts from their air cannon and giving out their delicious pizza.

Paddle Boarding has become very popular along the Emerald Coast and there were plenty of paddle boarders weaving through the boaters at Crab Island. There were even several dogs riding along with their masters on paddle boards.

If you haven’t experienced Crab Island, be sure to do so before all of the food, beverage, and entertainment vendors pack up for the season, which usually occurs around Labor Day. If you down’t own a boat, be sure to catch a ride with a friend sometime or rent a pontoon boat from one of the many boat rental companies along the Destin Harbor.

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