Halloween Trick or Treating Safety

Halloween is only a few months away and it is a great time to promote your business by having Halloween sales and promotions. This is a favorite time of year and is proven by the fact that about $7 billion dollars is spent on halloween by consumers. This amount that Americans are spending on halloween has doubled over the last 7 years. That figure includes about $2.5 billion on halloween costumes, $300 million on pet costumes, $2 billion on candy, and about another $2 billion on Halloween decorations.

Custom Halloween Bags

Halloween offers many fun events such as Fall festivals. Don’t forget that these “Fall Festivals” from churches used to be called Halloween festivals. Also, there are many Halloween haunted houses. There are Halloween costume contests and pumpkin carving contests. And, of course, the all-time favorite for the kids, trick or treating.

Trick or Treat safety has become a growing concern because of the amount of vehicles on the road. Part of this concern is the the large amount of lazy parents who drive their car from house to house while their kids knock on the doors of neighborhoods and say, “trick or treat.” It’s dark outside and it can be dangerous for trick or treaters. Here are some safety tips to keep your kids safe while trick or treating this Halloween.

    • An adult should be with your child at all times.
    • Only trick or treat in neighborhoods that you as the parent deem safe. Use your gut. If you don’t feel safe in a neighborhood, don’t trick or treat there.
    • Plan your trick or treating route in advance.
    • Trick or treat in a larger group. Safety in numbers is a great defense, for both safety and visibility.
    • Have each child wear or carry something lit such as a glow stick, flashlight, or reflective clothing.
    • Don’t carry dangerous props such as real knives, swords, machetes, or other possible harmful items. Use plastic or flexible props.
    • Don’t bring your dog if your dog is mean or a known biter.
  • Personalized Trick or Treat BagsKnow your area trick or treat times and stay within those time frames. There will generally be more people out at that time and it will be safer.
  • Check your child’s candy before letting them eat it.
  • Carry reflective trick or treat bags.
  • Don’t let your children wear masks or costumes that obstruct their vision.
  • When crossing major roads and intersections, cross at the crosswalk and obey the laws.
  • Make sure your child’s costume isn’t too long so they aren’t as likely to trip and fall.
  • Do not go inside people’s houses to get treats. Stay on the porch.
  • Only trick or treat at houses which are well lit. Look for their porch light to be on. If not, skip that house.

Keeping the kids (and adults) safe while trick or treating on Halloween should be a top priority for everyone. If you are a business and want to help promote both your business and child safety while trick or treating, you can buy Halloween trick or treat bags with safety tips and your business name and logo on them. You can then give out the bags with each purchase during the month of October.

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