A Plan For Success For Your Premium Directory Listing

So you’ve purchased a Premium Directory Listing on EmeraldCoastHUB.com. Congratulations, you’re on your way to gaining more web traffic for your business or organization. Premium listings are over 280% more effective than FREE listings. Because the premium listings allow for more information to be included such as more special offers, a link to your website, links to your social media accounts, a photo gallery, and more, your listing will get more web visitors from Google.

To get the most out of your listing, follow these easy steps to gain more attention, and ultimately get more clients!

Steps to Improve Your Visibility

  1. Update as much information as possible. If there’s an option for information, add it if it’s applicable to your business.
  2. Use good quality images that represent your business. The images help your business stand out from the other listings in the category pages, search pages, and others pages where your business will show up.
  3. Once your listing is completed, share the link on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Periodically (once a month or so), share out the link to your page again. Change up your post text to promote different services or products.
  4. Link to your listing from somewhere on your website. This will help give your listing page a boost in search engine rankings!
  5. Encourage your clients to write review about your company on your Emerald Coast HUB listing page. Listing with the most (and best) reviews show up higher on the website. The extra content also helps your listing show up higher in Google searches!
  6. Update your profile monthly with new specials, new images, and text to remain current with your selling season.
  7. If your business/organization hosts public events, be sure to add them to the Event Calendar.

By following these simple and quick steps, you will be on your way to outperforming the listings of your competitors, gaining more business for you.