The Vision of

After several years living on the Emerald Coast of Florida, I’ve come to realize that there is not a “Go To Website” that is comprehensive enough to include all things about the Emerald Coast. Sure, you can visit the Emerald Coast Tourist Development Council site which is a great resource about tourism related businesses. However, since my business doesn’t target tourists, this organization only helps me indirectly by working to keep the tourism-dependent businesses busy so they have to funds to market using my company. There is the NWF Daily News, which is a great source on area news. There are radio and television station websites which provide advertisements about upcoming events. There are multiple Chamber of Commerce organizations along the Emerald Coast, which provide directories of their Chamber members.

What I have been looking for is a source that offers information about all businesses, whether they have paid to be included in the directory or not. I’m looking for an area calendar that is so complete that I’ll never be misinformed about an event or miss another event because I didn’t know it was happening. I want a source that can easily direct me to the right place to make a purchase. I want a source that tells all about the attractions of the area. This source would not be prejudiced to just tourists or locals. It would be a site that works for both locals and visitors. But in the end, I really just want a website that will benefit my business and help me to make the money needed take care of my family.

This site would be a network of businesses that is intertwined so tightly as a community that as one strengthens, all business along the Emerald Coast strengthen. Simply by being part of this website, your business would benefit immensely and strengthen even further with time. This site would be the definition of community. This site would define the friendly nature of the population along the Emerald Coast. This site would revolutionize the way we attract new clients and sales.

Well, my friends, the site I’ve been dreaming of is finally here. It is is the new information hub for the Emerald Coast. We will cover the Emerald Coast from Navarre to Santa Rosa Beach and everywhere in between. If you are a business along the Emerald Coast, we will give you a FREE basic listing in our Business directory. There are, of course, options for upgraded memberships which offer major benefits.

This site will be big, fast, easy to navigate, and full of rich content about events, businesses, and organizations all along the Emerald Coast. You can find the phone number for any business within seconds by searching name or business category. You can submit your events to our calendar or view the community calendar to find out about upcoming events. You can find out about area facts. There are so many things to do on, that I can’t even begin to list them all.

So go ahead and check out the site. Bookmark it. LIKE us on Facebook. Post a link to your profile page on Facebook for your friends to see. Tweet about us on Twitter. Tell all of your friends, because, the stronger this site gets, the stronger all of our businesses along the Emerald Coast will become. That includes your business! So go ahead and search for your business in the Emerald Coast Business Directory. If you don’t see yourself, go ahead and submit your business name, complete business address, email address, and phone number to our Webmaster and we will add your business for free. is your one source for all things about the Emerald Coast. Our mission is provide quality leads to your business. We are here to strengthen all businesses within the area and by working together, we will be successful.

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