Top 10 Things to do in Destin Florida

The Destin Florida area is full of fun things to do for your entire family. While visiting the Destin area, you’ll find each of the surrounding communities have their own charm. Whether you go west to the Fort Walton Beach area or east to the Miramar Beach and 30A areas, the list of fun events and experiences are practically unlimited. Many of the outdoor and water activities on the Emerald Coast are likely activities you can’t do in your hometown. Most people planning to visit this area are planning a return trip before they even leave their vacation because there are so many things to do. Check out the list of things to do below and make sure you do at least a few of them during your visit. Then you can check off the others on your follow-up visit!

Top 10 Things To Do in Destin Florida

Experience The Beautiful Beaches

Beaches - Things to Do in Destin, FL

Of course you plan on hitting the beaches because that’s the top attraction in Destin, but it had to be mentioned! What other area in the U.S. can compete with these sugar white sands and emerald green waters? The views are breathtaking. You’ll likely spend most of your days at the beach during your visit. Set up a few beach chairs, an umbrella, and you’ll stay relaxed all day. Soak up the rays, but be sure to use plenty of sunscreen. The sun reflects off the white sand and will cause you to burn much more quickly than you expect.


Charter Fishing in Destin

Whether you prefer offshore fishing or inshore fishing, it will be an unforgettable experience. Hooking your first 50 pound fish is an experience you or your young angler will never forget. You will be in awe of the sheer strength of the fish and amount of effort required to reel it in. Be sure to book your trip with one of the many area charter boats while visiting the Destin area. It’s called the World’s Luckiest Fishing Village for good reason!

Visit Crab Island

Crab Island in Destin, FL

Okay, so it’s not really an island (anymore). It’s now a shallow sandbar located at the entrance of the Choctawhatchee Bay by the East Pass. The water is typically about waist deep with clear water during high tide. You simply pull your boat up to an open spot, drop anchor, enjoy the water, and meet new friends. I guarantee it will be a unique experience. You can rent a pontoon boat, and hang out during the day at Crab Island for a fun experience. There are inflatables, water games, and hundreds of other boaters enjoying the day. It’s a fun place to enjoy the water.

Go SCUBA Diving or Snorkeling

Scuba Diving in Destin, FL

The water really is beautiful in Destin and makes for great scuba diving and snorkeling! Explore a reef or a shipwreck. The local dive shops will lead you to the best places to dive in the area. In order to rent scuba diving equipment and book a diving trip, you will need to have scuba certification. However, snorkeling is an option for anyone.

Water Sports

Parasailing in Destin - Water Sports

Playing in the sun and water is what life is all about in Destin. Whether you opt for renting waverunners, paddle boarding, parasailing, or any number of other water sports, you can’t go wrong. Get adventurous during your visit to Destin. Don’t go home wishing you had done more.

Eat Seafood

Seafood Restaurants Destin

There’s nothing like the taste of Gulf seafood prepared in any number of our Destin restaurants. This seafood is caught in local waters by area fishing boats. Try new types of seafood dishes while visiting Destin restaurants. You won’t regret it! Destin is home to so many excellent seafood restaurants. Try a different one every night during your vacation!

Dolphin Tours

Dolphin Tours in Destin

Everyone loves dolphins. They are smart and playful creatures who thrive in the Gulf waters of Destin. Bring your camera, book a dolphin tour, and give your kids a memorable experience on the water. You will most likely spot dozens of dolphins on your excursion.


Shopping in Destin Florida

Yes, you can shop at home, but it’s not nearly as fun as when you are on vacation. Why? Because on vacation you aren’t rushed. You can take your time and casually stroll through the many great shopping centers. Many of the local shopping centers are outdoor so you can enjoy the beautiful weather.

Play Golf

Golf Course in Destin

The Destin area has several world-class golf resorts, so if you are an avid golfer, this is one activity you don’t want to miss during your visit. Don’t hyperfocus on golf while in Destin, or else you’ll miss the other amazing activities! Spend a day or two golfing, then be sure to enjoy the beach and the other local activities.

Enjoy Live Music

Live Music in Destin

There’s plenty of live music playing at the many outdoor venues in the Destin area. You’ll find plenty of free outdoor concerts during the summer months, so check the live music calendar and enjoy a drink while you hear the tunes from talented, local musicians.

Watch a Destin Sunset

Destin Sunsets

If you were counting, this is number 11. We wanted to give you a bonus. Whatever you do, make it a point to be at a good vantage point in the evening to witness an amazing Destin sunset.

There are many other activities and events to do while visiting Destin, such as fireworks, outdoor movies, and festivals. Be sure to check out the Destin Calendar of Events for details. Enjoy your visit the Destin Florida area, and come again soon!

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